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Forecast Calls for Okabu to Soar to PSN on Tuesday
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Forecast Calls for Okabu to Soar to PSN on Tuesday

It looks like Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken won’t be the only PSN-exclusive co-op game coming out on Tuesday. Handcircus’s lovely and different Okabu will launch this week as well. It tells the story of two cloud-brothers, Kumulo and Nimbe, who set out to defeat an evil empire.

Interestingly, Kumulo and Nimbe aren’t the primary heroes of the story. Four different heroes ride atop them, each bringing his or her unique abilities to the table:

  • Captain Monkfish – Armed with his trusty plunger, Monkfish can harpoon objects, yanking open gates and catching fish, to pulling down drawbridges and wrenching exploding fruit from trees.
  • Picolo – A master of charming, hypnotic rhythms, Picolo can bring to his aid a huge variety of creatures, charming them to operate switches, climb ropes, even make bulls charge and smash though planks of wood.
  • Roki – The Doza mechanic who can take control of many Doza machines and vehicles, from bulldozers and turrets, to giant robotic spiders and wrecking balls.
  • Kat and Toto – Teamed up with her flying pet, our Yorubo warrior’s swiftness and combat ability are unsurpassed, and her pet can be used to get into narrow areas to neutralize Doza foe and rewire Doza circuits.

As for Okabu’s co-op mode, each local player controls one of the clouds as they fight together on the same screen. In addition to blasting enemies with water squirts, the two partners must work together to solve puzzles.

Trophy hunters take note: like Rocketbirds, Okabu features a Platinum Trophy. Shiny! It launches on Tuesday, October 18. Oddly, the price has yet to be announced. I’m guessing either $11.99 or $14.99.

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com