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Magfest 2012 In Pictures
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Magfest 2012 In Pictures

This past weekend I packed my bags and headed south to Washington, DC to check out Magfest - a festival that celebrates videogames and videogame music.  The show has plenty of stuff for folks to do including a free play arcade with many classic cabinets (including my favorite Moon Patrol).  There's also a LAN party area, table top gaming area, and plenty of independent artists selling their wares.  

Outside of this stuff there's lots of good geekery going on in the halls and concerts and panels scattered throughout the hotel where Magfest 2012 took place.  Overall it seemed like a giant geek party, though the price of admission seemed a bit high if you only wanted to check things out for day.  Here's some pictures from the show floor including some great co-op arcade cabinets on display and a shot of Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu signing a picture for me.