Co-Op Classics Video Edition: X-Men and Space Invaders II
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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: X-Men and Space Invaders II

It's been over two years since we started the Co-Op Classics column.  For the first year or so, it was a weekly feature, then, when Casual Fridays started, the two alternated weeks, and it has been that way ever since.  As of now, over sixty columns are available, featuring all manner of games, from arcades to the NES and even more modern consoles like the Gamecube.  As you can imagine, a lot has changed here at Co-Optimus since we started Co-Op Classics, not the least of which is our video capabilities.  Today, we'll take a look back at two Co-Op Classics, this time in video form: X-Men The Arcade Game, and Space Invaders II.

X-Men The Arcade Game

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X-Men is my favorite arcade game of all time, and playing it never gets old.  When the game was released in 1992, the co-op brawler was fairly new, but X-Men still stacks up nicely in comparision to later heavyweights like the Dungeons & Dragons series.  A roster full of six heroic mutants, each of which have varying abilities and powers, was among the largest character selections of the era.  The graphical style was, and still is, impressive, just like a comic book come to life.  Apart from repetitive enemies and fairly simplistic boss fights, I can't find too much wrong with X-Men The Arcade Game.  Give us an Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Network release, please!