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Show Your X-Pertise With These X-Men Arcade Achievements
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Show Your X-Pertise With These X-Men Arcade Achievements

We were giddy with delight earlier this year when we brought you the news of X-Men: The Arcade Game's release on modern consoles.  Though we still don't have an exact release date, the initial time frame indicated a late 2010 release.  Well, it's now about as late in 2010 as you can get, with no game in sight; however, we do have the achievements for it, which means the wait is likely coming to a close.

Two of the achievements promote the totally groovy six-player co-op available in X-Men Arcade.  A 10 pointer is earned by just playing in a six-player game (which requires mixing local and online co-op on the Xbox 360), while you'll earn 25 gamerscore for facing Mystique with five other mutants.  The remaining achievements are mostly what you'd expect.  We can't wait to meet the Master of Magnet in this one!


  • 10 – Xavier Would Be Proud!: You used a mutant power 5 times in one game.
  • 10 – Super Mutant: Find and use an energy pill in the Japanese version of the game.
  • 10 – Turn Pyro to Toast: Defeat Pyro without any player using mutant powers.
  • 10 – Kidnapped: Learn that Magneto has kidnapped Professor X.
  • 10 – Largest Party: Play in a 6-player match with five other people.
  • 10 – Grounded: Complete level 4 without jumping.
  • 10 – Welcome to Die!: Have the White Queen welcome you to die.
  • 25 – You Fell to Our Trap!: Get fooled by Mystique with five other players in a 6 player game.
  • 25 – Score Inflation: Earn at least 250 points in one game.
  • 25 – Bamf: Complete the game in 25 minutes or less.
  • 25 – X-pertise: Complete the game on Expert difficulty.
  • 30 – Master of Magnet: Defeat Magneto in different play sessions with all six X-men characters.