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Guitar Hero: WT and Rock Band 2 Note Tracks, Side by Side
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Guitar Hero: WT and Rock Band 2 Note Tracks, Side by Side

When the Guitar Hero World Tour track list was revealed, there were several surprises, both good and bad.  Falling into that latter category were the large number of songs that are already represented in the Rock Band franchise.  Now that both games have launched, how do the two games stack up against each other?  If only there was some way to make a direct comparison between them, say, on a song included in both games...

Thanks to the power of YouTube, you can watch exactly that.  User Gurra100 has compiled several videos, directly comparing the note tracks for each game for most, if not all of the songs they have in common.  The entire list of these vs. videos can be found here

I chose to embed "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World after the break.  I feel it is a good representation of the differences between the two games.  Things to notice on the GH:WT side are the harder difficulty, including triple notes, and some notes that just aren't there in the music, such as those shortly before the first chorus.  You can also see one of the purple sections, using the guitar's new touch slider, at the end of the solo.  As for Rock Band, while it isn't as difficult, it seems to follow the music more closely, and the band animations look, for lack of a better term, more authentic than those in GH:WT, particularly the drummer.  Of course, these are just my opinions, but why not check this video, as well as the others, out for yourself, and tell us what you think!