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Rumors Point to Possible Battlefront 3 Development
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Rumors Point to Possible Battlefront 3 Development

Emerging from the depths of the video game industry, hints of a new Star Wars: Battlefront game being possibly in the works for LucasArts are being detected by super sleuths around the gaming community.

What has caught the attention of many mediums around the gaming community and was discovered by PlayStation Lifestyle, was a job listing at Spark Unlimited which sounds pretty close to what would be required of a Battlefront game developer. It states needing one:

Senior combat designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.

Not only this, but there are a few job ads with a connected LinkedIn profiles, one for John Lawrie, a former senior software engineer for Spark, which states "Unannounced third person sword fighting game (well known IP, Xbox 360, PS3)," and another profile alluding to a, "AAA third person shooter using Unreal Engine and Kynapse AI middleware." But do these piece together and allow us to assume that a new Battlefront is in the works?

Well, let’s think about this one.  You’ve got: 1). A 3rd person action adventure sequel, 2). Setting in a high-profile, sci-fi uiniverse, and 3). Having third-person shooting and sword fighting in it. The ingredients for a game such as this sure are present, and unless this is another Halo game being constructed (which would be complete overkill in my opinion), I think we might have ourselves a recipe for a long overdue Battlefront game. The job listings for this "un-mentioned" game sure do lead us towards this logical conclusion.

This is all just speculation, of course, (Spark or LucasArts have in no way, shape, or form announced any type of statement regarding the production of this game) and in-depth rumors of Battlefront 3 development are nothing terribly new (has been going on for some time now). Taking you away from your current fix of Star Wars: Old Republic is wrong, I know. But these small hints of a possible Battlefront 3 is something worth keeping tabs on. Why? Because people want a Battlefront 3, and they want it now.

No better a time to do it when the Star Wars iron is hot, right?

Source: Computerandvideogames.com