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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXXXVI: Console Versions, Episodic Content, and Prime Servers
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXXXVI: Console Versions, Episodic Content, and Prime Servers

Updates for TERA, Guild Wars 2, and RIFT

For this month’s volume of MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be looking at TERA’s upcoming console version, the new Living Story episode for Guild Wars 2, and the launch of the RIFT Prime server.

TERA Open Beta Hits Consoles
This past weekend, En Masse Entertainment ran their open beta for TERA on Xbox One and PS4. Obviously, there’s a ton of work that has to go into adapting a PC MMO to a console experience. New features for the console version include an all-new Lock-On System (to keep enemies in sight and to make the action front and center), class-specific default controls (which can be completely remapped to player preferences), an overhauled UI with a new radial menu, embedded streaming support, and native voice chat. TERA’s action-based combat make it a great candidate for a console MMO and I’m glad to see that En Masse is putting in the effort to tailor the experience to a new platform.

If you missed the console beta weekend, En Masse has provided a trailer highlighting the console version of the game.

Guild Wars 2: Living Story Continues with “A Bug in the System”
Last week, Arenanet launched a new installment in Guild Wars 2’s Living Story. The second episode of Season 4, “A Bug in the System” tasks players with inspecting the mysterious portals that are allowing Palawa Joko’s forces to invade Tyria. A new mastery is also introduced in this episode (Bond of Life), which allows players to temporarily share their health pools with their mounts. This results in less frequent dismounts from enemy damage. “A Bug in the System” introduces a new Legendary Weapon to the pool for Legendary hunters to chase. Claw of the Khan-Ur (a Legendary Dagger) is an ancient Charr relic which has been a symbol of revolution, power, and stability.