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Channeling Mike's inner Emperor Palpatine

This Week in Co-Op: Force Lightning Never Gets Old

Though The Old Republic is definitely an MMO in the post-WoW mold, what it does with the storyline brings me hope for co-op in future Bioware games. You see, whenever you're in a conversation with an NPC, your entire group attends the conversation with you. If a group member is not in the immediate vicinity, they are given the option to hop on via holographic projection.

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New York Comic-Con 2011 In Pictures

I just got back from this year's New York Comic-Con.  This three day event takes place at the Javitz center right in midtown Manhattan and features plenty of geeky goodness in the form of comics, video games, board games and much more.  This year's NYCC was the biggest yet - taking up almost the entire convention center show floor.  It was JAM PACKED with people, I was amazed at just how crowded it was.  Perhaps...a little too crowded as it was tough to get in to look at all the goods on display.

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