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EA Spotlight Event
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EA Spotlight Event

We give the rundown of this week's EA NY event

On Tuesday, I hit up the train to Midtown to attend EA's Spotlight event. Our own Nick Puleo was originally planning on attending said festivities, but he was sadly down for the count, incapacitated by a nasty cough.

The event went a little differently than these types of events typically go. It started off with an hour-long presentation, which highlighted many of the games being showcased at the event. Developers from each of these games got up on the stage to talk about their game, which is always pretty great (their excitement for their own games is just completely infectious). Kingdoms of Amalur, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, SSX, Solitaire Blitz, and Mass Effect 3 were all covered in the presentation, ending with an exclusive peek at the upcoming ME3 trailer which will be coming out on Feb. 14th along with the demo. I can't say much about it, but trust me - it's gonna be awesome.

Though there was plenty of information on the upcoming games, there was sadly not a lot to report from the co-op side of things. Here's a list of the co-op-relevant tidbits I picked up:


  • SSX: Sadly, will not have co-op (competitive focus)
  • Mass Effect 3: Did not appear to have any additional co-op information in this event beyond what we already know (make sure to check out our hands-on impressions of the co-op!)
  • Syndicate: I chatted with a rep about the details of Syndicate co-op, but if you've played the co-op demo that's out now (which I guiltily haven't), you probably already know a lot of the stuff he told me. I did learn, however, that the co-op mode will have a total of 9 missions which will be a type of homage to the original Syndicate
  • Solitaire Blitz: an upcoming Facebook game which will have social aspects. One of these aspects is that friends can share and collect co-operatively  

​So there you have it - the short and sweet co-op-oriented points of the event.