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Rayman Origins’ Success Kicks Ubisoft’s Profits into High Gear
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Rayman Origins’ Success Kicks Ubisoft’s Profits into High Gear

Probably one of the most overlooked games of 2011, Ubisoft has stated that its return to Rayman’s roots with Rayman Origins was indeed a profitable success!

Having had decent successes with Ubisofts’s side series, Raving Rabbids, many were unsure of Rayman Origin’s final outcome would be during the holiday season of 2011. The opening sales were staggering at first, but, surprisingly, the game has since gotten critically acclaimed reviews for its perfection of the platform genre and has made quite a decent profit for Ubisoft’s development team.

No official budget or figure sales were released, but in a conference call to their investors, Ubisoft stated that Rayman Origins, “has the capacity to become a long-term seller for the company.” Having brought back Michel Ancel, the original creator of the Rayman series, to regain Rayman’s former glory, he used a visual pattern-generating engine to give Origins a new look and feel in hopes that it would work out positively for the franchise. At the time, he was using it for working on Beyond Good & Evil 2, which has since been let go of after having problems with its development scope.

While the graphic style is probably the biggest of the many perks this game has to offer, the co-op play of the game, resembling much like a mixture between two big hits: New Super Mario Bros. and Castle Crashers, is the heart of what brought new life to this time fading series. Without the Rabbids, we probably wouldn’t see much of Rayman at all. But with a little ingenuity, as well as a return to its roots, Rayman Origins was exactly what the doctor ordered for Ubisoft.

Interested in seeing what made Rayman Origins such a big hit? Well, why not take a look for yourself and watch a user made video of the first few levels: 

Versions of Rayman Origins for the Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, and PlayStation Vita are already out in stores, but be sure to keep your wallet full when the game will release for the Nintendo 3DS on March 20th and for the PC on March 29th of this year.

Congrats goes to Ubisoft and Rayman Origins for all your successes and keep up the great work!

Source: Gamasutra.com