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Our top picks for couch co-op games that are available on GOG

Co-Optimus\' Best of GOG: Couch Co-Op Games

While there’s certainly advantages to living in a gaming era that emphasizes online co-op, couch co-op games will always hold a special place in many of our hearts. Therefore, we (the folks at Co-Optimus) were extremely pleased when the recently released Nex Machina brought back this nostalgic experience in fine form. As a game developed with...

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The Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 Sale Knocks Co-Op Prices Way Down

We're a smidge late in reporting this since it started on Tuesday, but the Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 Sale may be the single best sale the Xbox 360 has ever had. Each day until December 31st consists of themed daily sales, with today's Platformers sale knocking co-op standout Rayman Origins down to just ten bucks. And on top of that, more than ten XBLA and Games on Demand titles are on sale for the diration of the promotion, such as fantastic co-op titles Sonic 4 Episode II and Simpsons Arcade. Head past the break to find out which games feature cooperative multiplayer!

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Rayman Origins Sequel Possibly Leaked Through an Online Marketing Survey

I have no doubt in my mind that the widely praised platformer title, Rayman Origins, will be getting a well deserved sequel in the future. From a few screenshots taken from a marketing survey, the type of game the sequel will be like has seeming been hinted at. So far, it looks like it involves a vast world including Greek gods and dragons, both of which are equally viable in a formula for “awesome”.

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