Kung Fu Strike: Warrior's Rise

    How Strong is Your Kung Fu - New Trailer Shows Off Kung Fu Strike in Action
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    How Strong is Your Kung Fu - New Trailer Shows Off Kung Fu Strike in Action

    It was barely a week ago that we brought news of a new 2 player brawler hitting the XBLA, Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise. At that time, we had only a small glimpse of what's in store with this arcade title that draws from classic Chinese tales of revenge, Chinese calligraphy art style, and, of course, Chinese martial arts. A new trailer, though, provides us with a better picture of how all of these pieces tie together.

    I'll admit, the video is a bit frenetic. It just barely manages to come in on the "still sane" side of crazy when compared to something like a Dynasty Warriors' trailer. Despite that, one does get a sense of what developer Qooc Soft is going for with this title. Many of the scenes and set pieces that are briefly glimpsed seem similar to those battles you see in the classic, and even modern, martial arts films. Sadly, no further details on the co-op side of things, but perhaps a few of those characters that are seen are playable?

    No release date has been announced just yet for Kung Fu Strike, but there are some rumors that we may be seeing this soon enough. Hopefully, though, it comes a little later in the Spring release season as I already know how I'll be spending most of my time in the coming weeks...

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