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Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get ilomilo for Half off This Month
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Xbox Live Gold Members Can Get ilomilo for Half off This Month

Invite these charming friends over for tea, biscuits, and puzzle solving.

Nothing says loving like a fresh and creative co-op game. Even sweeter is getting said game for half off the regular price. Now that Xbox Live Arcade exclusive ilomilo is the Xbox Live Family Gold Pack Deal of the Month for March, anybody with a Gold subscription can put this bun in their oven. For only five dollars, you'll be hard pressed to find a better co-op deal this month - unless something better pops up, of course.

Did I whet your appetite? ilomilo is a rather unique puzzle game. That description may conjure images of Tetris-like games, but it's much closer to a puzzle platformer, only without all the jumping. Protagonists ilo and milo are best friends whose world rearranges itself every day, making it tough to find each other whenever they are separated. It's up to you - either by yourself or with a local co-op partner to reunit the two BFFs across a series of twisting, gravity-defying levels. See our full co-op review for more details.

ilomilo will be on sale for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) for all Xbox Live Gold members (not just Family Pack members) until the first week of April.


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