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ilomilo Co-Op Review
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ilomilo Co-Op Review

ilomilo is a puzzle game whose cuteness just might make your brain explode. It’s about two friends, Ilo and Milo, who live across a park from each other. They simply want to meet up for lunch in the park every day, but either due to poor memory on Ilo and Milo’s part, or some deviousness of the park, every day they have to discover anew how to get to each other.

Each level is designed as a series of cubes and often Ilo and Milo will be forced to traverse all sides of these cubes in their pursuit to meet up. There is a single player version where the player switches between Ilo and Milo at will and a co-op version where one controller controls Ilo while the other controls Milo. Aside from this difference, both single and multi-player versions appear essentially the same, so this review will only really be covering the situation where two players are involved.

Gameplay involves a lot of switching between Ilo and Milo and situations where one player must do something in order for the other to progress. These situations include things like one player must find a portable block, pick it up, carry it over to the other player, and place it down somewhere where the other player can grab it. The other player then grabs the block, carries it over to a gap in the cubes they have previously been unable to cross, puts it down, then crosses it.