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Saint's Row 2 PC Version Delayed Until Next Year
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Saint's Row 2 PC Version Delayed Until Next Year

Another co-op game that was supposed to be released this week was the PC version of Saint's Row 2.  But do to some technical difficulties the game has been delayed until early next year.  This only became apparent during a forum post on the official Volition forums by a moderator.

 "The PC version was delayed because we wanted to make the highest quality game across all platforms, but it just needed more time." He added, "The game is a port of the console version from an external company, but that doesn't mean the code can just be copied over, and ship it out. The PC version is still being produced and tested at Volition with support from the design and programming teams as needed. This is in no way a hands-off external port of the game." 

We reviewed Saint's Row 2's co-op mode pretty favorably, so it sucks PC owners have to wait.  Of course, it's better than getting a buggy and unplayable mess.

 I'm going to place the blame of this one squarely on the lack of Shader 3.0 support for the Hot Dog suit in the game.


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