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Beyond Co-Op - April 22nd through April 28th, 2012
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Beyond Co-Op - April 22nd through April 28th, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Beyond Co-Op, the weekly piece that looks at some of the more interesting stories around the gaming industry that might not necessarily relate to cooperative gaming.  Up this week we've got several "new game" reveals and a trailer for a game that claims to be co-op...for one player.

- Shinji Mikami presents Project Zwei
- PlayStation Battle Royale Unveiled
- A Look at Reset, a Single Player Co-Op Puzzler


Shinji Mikami presents Project Zwei

Shinji Mikami may be most famous for his contributions to the Resident Evil series, but he most recently was involved with SEGA's Vanquish.  Now teaming up with Bethesda, Mikami is creating a new game that's currently titled Project Zwei.  Some concept art has popped up on a placeholder website, but the overall message is this game is a return to classic survival horror game mechanics.  Hopefully that doesn't mean you can't walk and shoot at the same time.

Source:  Official Site


PlayStation Battle Royale Unveiled

Nintendo's Smash Bros. franchise is one of the companies most popular, mostly do to the fact that it contains just about every Nintendo character to date.  So it's sort of suprising it's taken Sony this long to match the concept.  But that's exactly what PlayStation Battle Royale is, a fighting game that mashes the universes of several of Sony's first and second party characters like Kratos, Parappa the Rappa, Sack Boy and many others.  There will even be 3rd party characters included.


A Look at Reset, a Single Player Co-Op Puzzler

A unique concept for a puzzle game is hard to find these days, but Reset might have an ace up its sleeve.  The premise of the game is simple, to complete puzzles you'll need to execute it in "layers" - resetting and then going back and playing co-op with a ghost of yourself.  My guess is it's a bit like some sections of Braid in a sense with a bit more complexity.  The first trailer for the game is all fluff, but it's all beautiful and gorgeous fluff.  Most interestingly is this game is the work of just two guys.  Awesome.

Source: RPS