Mercenary Ops

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 8 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Care to Know Some Co-Op Modes Included in Mercenary Ops?
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Care to Know Some Co-Op Modes Included in Mercenary Ops?

Looking for more info on the upcoming third-person shooter, Mercenary Ops? Well, here some new info on the game's modes to hold you over until the summertime comes around.

Yingpei Games has confirmed that Mercenary Ops will include a zombie mode, survival mode, and horde mode to keep your hunger for co-op action in check. It was also sport a large number of competitive modes for players too, like the classic Team Deathmatch mode for battling it out 8 vs 8 and also elimination/demolition modes for those looking for more objective based games.

PC users will be getting the PC version of Gears of War 3, essentially, through Mercenary Ops, since the game runs on the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3 that Gears of War also uses. This game will grant players destructible environments and bullet-based physics against individual materials, making certain surfaces like wood or metal harder to destroy with different weapons.

Cover-based combat is the key feature in Mercenary Ops, treating all Gears of War fans out there with some. It’s so reliant on it, in fact, that players can pick up their cover combat skills from Gears and bring it over to this game without any hesitation.

Mercenary Ops is set to release exclusively for the PC this summer, so keep your cover combat skills honed and ready for then. Make sure to visit the official Mercenary Ops website for more information, but for now take a look at the missions and modes available to you:


• Assault (5 players)
Push forward with a team in objective-based missions to gain access to equipment and upgrades. Fight against ruthless enemies that become more challenging behind every door, drawing the player closer to the epic battle at the end of their assault.

• Survival (5 players)
Battle for survival by fending off seemingly endless waves of attacking zombies and other walking dead species. Prepare for the horrors that lie ahead by repairing defenses and earning points to unlock the weapons as well as ammunition needed to survive.

• Invasion (8 Players)
Take on waves of the enemy horde as they push forward in a path of destruction. Use time wisely and make shots count against deadly AI-controlled foes and mini-bosses to earn in-game currency.


• Team Deathmatch (8 v 8)
Compete in a kill-based match-up across changing combat zones. In this fast-paced, tactical team battle, triumph over the opposition and earn a place at the top of leader board.

• Demolition (8 v 8)
Engage in an objective-based struggle of destruction by working with a team of conspiring mercenaries to seek and destroy a targeted bomb site. Defend against the opposing force by finding and defusing their bomb, or eliminate the threat altogether to claim victory.

• Elimination (8 v 8)
Take up arms against another team of opposing mercenaries in a tactical bout to determine the victor. When the only thing that matters is obliterating the enemy, even the smallest mistake can be grounds for defeat in this high stakes, elimination-based competition.