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Mercenary Ops Website Launches, Co-Op Details Revealed

Details of Mercenary Ops have been revealed via the launch of the official website.  The game is in development by Epic Games China, otherwise known as Yin Pei Games and is being published by Kalends Publishing.  While our co-op details before touted 16 players, the official website is now saying the cooperative mode will support 8 players.  In it players will " combat the devastation unleashed by multinational, government toppling organizations."

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Epic Games China Unleashing Mercenary Ops

We've been sitting on this story for a while, trying to dig up details on it, but alas we've only got a little bit to go on.  Epic Games' China group is developing a 3rd person shooter on the PC aimed at hardcore gamers utilizing the Unreal Engine 3.  The game is called Mercenary Ops and it'll feature both competitive versus and co-op gameplay.  

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