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Steam Giftcards Come to GameStop
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Steam Giftcards Come to GameStop

Turn used old console games into shiny digital PC games!

These days, just about every digital software platform under the sun offers giftcards at retail: Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and iTunes, for example. One major content provider has always lacked a retail presence though: Steam. Sure, Steam offers the ability to gift or trade individual games, but that's more of a specific gift rather than a general one. Plus it required the use of a credit card or PayPal account; you can't make cash transactions online, silly head.

All that changes this week, as Steam giftcards have rolled out exclusively at GameStop. Called Steam Wallet Codes, these cards come in denominations of $20 (enough to preorder Torchlight 2!) or $50 (two-and-a-half Torchlight 2s!). After taking the physical gift card to the register for purchase, a unique code will print on your receipt. Input that code online and your Steam Wallet will no longer be empty!

The advantages of Steam Wallet Codes coming to GameStop are numerous. First, people who would've had trouble buying Steam games before due to their lack of credit or check cards can now get in on the PC gaming action. These codes will also make great gifts for any PC gamer, given how very easy it is to find great games to buy on Steam. Finally, people who like to trade in games for store credit can now put that credit towards buying PC games for a change. That's a bit better for the industry than spending the credit on used games, at least.

Do we have any PC gamers in the house who might be picking up a Steam Wallet Code soon?

Source: Store.steampowered.com