Men In Black: Alien Crisis

    Three New MIB: Alien Crisis Training Vidoes
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    Three New MIB: Alien Crisis Training Vidoes

    Happy Victoria Day, Canadian readers! According to reputable sources, this holiday traditionally represents the beginning of the summer season. Well, we do things a little differently down here, south of the (Canadian) border.

    We celebrate the start of summer by releasing Will Smith movies! That's right, it's time for a Men In Black threequel! Remember how awesome the second film was? The only thing more apple pie than a big budget summer blockbuster is a movie tie-in game!  Lucky for us, we have Men In Black: Alien Crisis! This game features the MIB doing what 'mericuns do best! Shootin' stuff!

    Today we have three, count'em, three videos for your viewing pleasure. This trio of training videos offers a few pointers on how to survive in the MIB universe.



    Men In Black: Alien Crisis supports two player local co-op. It launches tomorrow for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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