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E3 2012: Riot Games Interview
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E3 2012: Riot Games Interview

Drogan Feature

Riot games is a community based company and we have all dabbled in a bit of League of Legends. Even though they do not put a huge emphasis on E3 we was able to sit down with them to get an update on their latest champion Draven, and dig a little deeper into what makes League of Legends a great co-op game.  

Draven is a cocky, axe-juggling, carry that uses his speed and offense to take down enemies with ease. Brother to Darius, he is the wild child of the family who can toss his axe at an opponent, bounce it back and catch it to lessen the cool down time so he can have another throw. It was awesome to see Draven in action as a skilled player can make his juggling power mesmerizing. Watch out for him in the lanes since he will be picking off other champions and making them feel bad about it in the process.

Draven’s first alternate skin is an homage to Raziel from Soul Reaver. The ghostly blue is in full effect and the wispy shreds of cloth drip with style across this whole skin. Definitely a thumbs up in my books.

We talk the team based nature of League of Legends and why it is so important to include a co-op mode in the modern day MOBA. You can see the interview as well as Draven in action in the video below.