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Uplink for Free with Starhawk's New Social App
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Uplink for Free with Starhawk's New Social App

Starhawk's Uplink Mobile app allows player to check out the Starhawk community anywhere

One of the biggest issues with console gaming is that when you are out of the house you are no longer gaming!  Who wants to spend quality time with friends and family when virtual defences need upholding and make believe buildings need construction?  Starhawk fans can now live the experience of the game 24/7 with the new Uplink Mobile app for iOS and Android that will have them plugged into the community at all times.

Starhawk's Uplink Mobile app is Sony's equivalent to Call of Duty's Elite system.  By downloading the app fans of the game will have instant access to the Starhawk community.  The application contains the latest news on the game and in-depth statistics of clans.  From a co-op point of view, it will give you the opportunity to see what is happening with your own clan and help organise a game by connecting to social networks.

The options available might not be as deep or as varied as Call of Duty's system or the upcoming Premium for Battlefield 3, but Starhawk's app does have one advantage - it’s free!

Check out the below trailer from Sony for more of an idea of what the Uplink Mobile app offers: