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New 'Puppet Mode' Shown in Impressive Just Dance 4 Video
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New 'Puppet Mode' Shown in Impressive Just Dance 4 Video

A new video of Just Dance 4 was released on Youtube not too long ago, sadly disappointing us by its lack of gameplay details with neon-dancer filler.

We’re not sure if video games and internet commercials go well together after seeing this video. Even with the extremely brief additions of Epic Meal Time’s host, Harley Morenstein, and music artist, Flo Rida, to spice things up, we are barely impressed by what the video truly has to offer us news wise: a 4-player mode, Battle Mode, and a Wii exclusive addition, Puppet Master Mode.

With this new mode, 4 players will be following a 5th dancer’s lead, allowing people to create their own unique dance sequences for the first time. The Wii U tablet will serve as the screen for the lead dancer, choreographing dances in real time. Perhaps the next video released will reveal more, or even have Ray William Johnson show us some break dancing in it.

Be sure to visit the official Just Dance 4 website to watch a bunch of in game dances, like this trailer’s "Good Feeling (Alice Version)".

Just Dance 4 will be arriving on the Wii U, Wii, Kinect, and PlayStation Move October 9th of this year.


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