Just Dance 4 Gyrating onto all Platforms
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Just Dance 4 Gyrating onto all Platforms

Do you love me, now that I can dance?

There is nothing more attractive in this world than watching a hardcore gamer dance around a tiny room vaguely in time to some music game emanating from their flat screen TV.  Prepare yourselves for more beauty as Just Dance 4 is coming to every motion control platform.  The game has modes that will allow up to 6 players to dance at once - imagine in your mind's eye such a wondrous image.

Stopped being sick yet?  Good.  Just Dance 4 has some exclusive elements on the Wii U in the form of Control the Party.  This mode allows a player to use the GamePad to manipulate their supposed friends, "dance, dance for me, my pretties."

As in previous Just Dance games there is a multitude of pop hits to enjoy, to get a feel for some of them, check out the E3 trailer:


Source: Youtube.com