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The BlueSkittle Features the Co-Opticast
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The BlueSkittle Features the Co-Opticast

TheBlueSkittle isn't only the X button on the Xbox 360 controller, it's also a online gaming community and web magazine.  Every month they feature a podcast in the gaming world, and it just so happens they took a look at our very own Co-Opticast!

Even though our show is in its infancy they decided to talk with both Mike and myself about our goals with the podcast.  We were honored that in the crowded world of gaming podcasts, they chose to look at us.  Here's a snippet.

TBS: What do you hope to accomplish through podcasting?

Mike: I hope we can accomplish some sort of evangelism through the podcast, and maybe bring a focus on some older co-op titles that people may have missed. I think a natural discussion that a pair of gamers have, often brings more insight to a situation than simply doing a quick write up on a subject.

Nick: You can say a lot more in 5 minutes of speaking, than in 5 minutes of writing.

Mike: Exactly.

Nick:  I just hope we can give people something easy to listen to; something that’s informative, and something that makes them want to play co-op games.

Be sure to read the entire interview over at!