Orcs Must Die! 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Orcs Must Die! 2 Demo Released
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Orcs Must Die! 2 Demo Released

Robot Entertainment have announced that a demo is available for their upcoming game, Orcs Must Die! 2, on Steam.  The action/strategy ame is slated to be released this coming Monday, July 30th.  The demo contains two of the early levels, fully playable in co-op as either the War Mage or Sorceress.  You'll also get a taste of a handful of the new traps and other whizbang things available in your arsenal.

Want more Orcs Must Die! goodies?  The price of the original game has been reduced to $9.99, but acting now you can get it for 75% off.  Owners of the original game get access to 10 exclusive co-op levels for OMD2 inspired by levels of the first game.  You'll also get 10% off your Orcs Must Die! 2 order, if you decide to go that route.

But wait...there's more.

The soundtrack for the original game is also out now for $5.99 available exclusively through Steam.

Orcs Must Die! 2 features two player online co-op play and is out next week.  Check back on Monday when we post our extensive review of the game's co-op mode.

Source: Store.steampowered.com