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Activision Uncovers Final Release Dates of Modern Warfare 3's Season of Content DLC's
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Activision Uncovers Final Release Dates of Modern Warfare 3's Season of Content DLC's

It pleases us to pass along Activision's awesome details of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s final Collection Packs of the Season: Collection #3: “Chaos Pack”, releasing on August 9th with the new Special Ops “Chaos Mode”, three new “Face Off” maps, and four new Special Ops missions, and Collection #4: “Final Assault” releasing on September 6th with five new multiplayer maps to conclude the season.

At the end of this MW3 DLC Season, gamers around the world will have been given a previously unheard of amount of extra additions to the title, both in depth and variety. In all, they will have been delivered 29 different DLC’s, three free maps , introduced to Face Off and Special Ops Chaos Modes, and given new Special Ops missions for the first time in Call of Duty’s history; quite the accomplishment, we might add! Here’s what each Collection Pack will contain:

MW3 Collection #3: “Chaos Pack”

Boasts lengthy solo and co-op gameplay for Special Ops, all by featuring 4 new Special Ops missions: “Vertigo”, “Arctic Recon”, “Light ‘Em Up”, and “Special Delivery”, and 3 new Face Off maps: “Vortex”, “U-Turn”, and “Intersection”. The new Chaos Mode offers a different way to play Special Ops, as it provides players a more Horde Mode-like form of combat. Having players try to survive wave after wave of enemy soldiers to achieve the highest score possible gives a refreshing take to Modern Warfare 3 co-op. Power-ups are also available for use.

 MW3 Collection #4: “Final Assault”

Engineered for hardcore multiplayer gamers, all while featuring 5 brand new multiplayer maps: “Gulch”, “Boardwalk”, “Offshore”, “Decommission”, and “Parish”; each with different strategies to uncover.

An unofficial video of a gamer playing Collection #3's "Light 'Em Up" gameplay.

These two Collection Packs will first release on the Xbox 360 for only 1,200 MS Points ($14.99), then on all other platforms following soon after. If you’re a Premium Elite member, you’re in luck! Members will be able to download the content at an earlier date, all being displayed on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s online Content Calendar.