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False Alarm - Fable 2 News Coming Next Week
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False Alarm - Fable 2 News Coming Next Week

False alarm folks.  The Fable 2 news of the news that we previously reported as news?  Yeah, not gonna happen this week.  According to the Official Lionhead Blog, Microsoft said - no, you may not tell the world your awesome little secret...yet.   Ok, so they didn't say exactly that, but that's more or less the jist of it.

Lionhead assures us the announcement WILL take place on November 24th.  So take this news post as news of the news that was canceled but will be news again on November 24th.  Got it?  Good.

Until then, enjoy the NXE and check out the new Fable 2 theme...total hotness.

[Found via Joystiq]

Fable 2 Theme Screens

Source: Community.lionhead.com

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