Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Full Roster Revealed
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Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Full Roster Revealed

Be a your living room.

Ubisoft have just revealed the full character lineup of their Marvel Avengers Kinect game featuring 20 playable heroes from the comic book universe.  Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is set to be released on October 30th and has players choosing a hero to play as in a fighting game powered by Kinect.  Yuuuuup - you're gonna be jumping around your living room pretending to be a comic book character to play this one - it's ok, we know you do that anyway in your feetie pajamas.

On the co-op side of things, the game lets you team up locally with a friend to take down some bad guys.  Just remember that Wolverine can't do a high five.

Here's the full list.

1.      Black Widow
2.      Captain America
3.      Doctor Doom
4.      Dr. Strange
5.      Hawkeye
6.      Human Torch
7.      Iceman
8.      Iron Man
9.      Loki
10.     Magneto
11.     Phoenix
12.     Queen Veranke
13.     Scarlet Witch
14.     Spider Man
15.     Storm
16.     Super Skrull
17.     The Hulk
18.     Thor
19.     Venom
20.     Wolverine