Toylogic Asks for Community Feedback on Online Capabilites
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Toylogic Asks for Community Feedback on Online Capabilites

You have a voice, so let them hear it!

Lots of work has gone into the online matchmaking capabilities of Happy Wars recently, but more work is still to be done. This past Friday, everyone received an update to help correct these flaws, but Toylogic needs help from you to make the next update even better.

From Friday’s initial update, already we can see an improvement on some small changes to the online matchmaking and co-op components, specifically the online lag issues and matchmaking speeds, but not everything has been completely ironed out yet (kind of hard to when 32 people can be playing in the same game all at once). Out of the time we’ve played of the game, we’ve come to see lots of instances where our characters weren’t taking damage, dealing damage, jumping around the screen, being flung in different directions, etc., and we're not alone.

The major thing that we can take away from Friday's update is that Toylogic’s ability to tweek server settings and net code has now been drastically improved, all without the need for a major update to pass through Microsoft’s certification testing teams. Future tweaks and alterations should make this game even better to own on a console, with constant attention from the developer to keep things fresh and smooth.

Despite this good news, Toylogic has made an effort to address the concerns of the online community, asking everyone for feedback to improve this game’s overall online experience. If you want to have your voice heard by Toylogic, describe any complaints or suggestions for them to work on in a future Happy Wars update by emailing them at, with the subject line stating: Happy Wars Tuning”. In the body of the email, they’d like you to include as much of the following information as possible:

-    Your modem type, if known

-    Your router type, if known (you may not have a router if your modem is also a router)

-     If you have a firewall

-    Your internet provider and service type (eg Comcast, DSL, etc.)

-    Your internet speed if known

-     Wired or wifi connection to your Xbox

-     What time this happened, and what part of the world you’re in

-     What happened:

[ ] kicked from lobby

[ ] long lobby wait time during matchmaking

[ ] game aborted after the match started

[ ] characters warping around the battlefield or not taking damage

[ ] kicked from a lobby after a match

[ ] other: please describe


-     How many successful games you had before or after the issue (that is, does this happen every time, one out of five times, etc?)

-     If it is OK for us to contact you if our engineers would like additional information

Please show Toylogic your gratitude for producing such a great game that is absolutely free to play and give them some feedback! Anything to improve the online modes of this game will make it all more worthwhile to play, and even increase exposure the of free-to-play games on XBLA!