Wicked Halloween Themed DLC's Arrive on Happy Wars and Fruit Ninja Kinect
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Wicked Halloween Themed DLC's Arrive on Happy Wars and Fruit Ninja Kinect

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Halloween isn’t just a time for people to dress up spooky, because many games also like to follow in the trend as well. In one week, the holiday event will arrive, and with it a bunch of games with hold their own Halloween-themes that fans can deck their games with. Two great co-op titles, Happy Wars and Fruit Ninja Kinect want to have their gamers get in the spirit of Halloween, and they’re going to do it through small, fun-sized DLC additions.

First up is Happy Wars. Not only is it the first free-to-play game XBLA has ever released, but it also comes with its own Halloween themed map for players to enjoy! Filled with pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, tombstones, scarecrow statues, creepy pink liquid rivers, and a moonlit night sky, the “Pumpkin” map fits the trick-or-treating holiday perfectly. In case you were wondering: this map is available in all modes (single player practice, multiplayer, and co-op) for you to enjoy to your heart’s content, available for free downloading now! Be sure to view the screenshots of this DLC at the bottom of the article.

Secondly, Halfbrick Studios has also made a perfect Halloween themed DLC for your Fruit Ninja Kinect gameplay; a nice addition to any and all co-op games you’ll be playing at your Halloween parties!

The “Trick or Treat Bag” DLC will feature a number of different additions to its Halloween style, such as a few new spooky backdrop choices to choose from and the new pumpkin fruits you’ll be hacking and slashing (It seems like the pumpkins will take the place of the combo initiating pomegranates) with your newly added Freddy Kruger-like claw strikes:

Scare the pants off your friends with this delightfully spooky Trick or Treat Bag! This pack includes the Slasher blade, Haunted House background and Ghostly Apparition shadow. Even Sensei is all dressed up and ready to party!

You can get your Halloween party started this Wednesday with the “Trick or Treat Bag” DLC for only 160 Microsoft Points.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

Source: Xblafans.com