• Online Co-Op: 15 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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  • xbox live arcade
  • online
Gold restriction removed and a new game mode added!

Happy Wars Update 11 Is Live

Developer Toylogic has released the 11th update to Happy Wars, the online multiplayer action game featuring 15 player co-op. The game can now be enjoyed by all Xbox 360 players, regardless of their subscription level. Free Xbox Live members can now access the entire game except for multiplayer missions and treasure map sections, which remain exclusive to Gold members.

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  • xbox 360
  • Xbox Live Arcade
  • online
An touch of Ilomilo in latest update

Happy Wars Title Update 6 Brings a Few Surprises

In case you weren't already happy enough, the latest title update for Happy Wars has arrived. Title update 6 brings a host of new changes to Happy Wars, even more so than previous updates in the past. This update brings new gameplay features and bug fixes, in addition to eight new achievements that are worth a total of 100G. Also, although specifics were not detailed, Microsoft Studios stated that the latest update will also improve the matchmkaing process. It also introduced a new map called Deep Sea.

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