Warface: It's Good for a Co-op Trailer
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Warface: It's Good for a Co-op Trailer

The new Warface video highlights the co-op play

Some basic gaming mathematics: Crytek plus Free plus Co-op = Joy!  Warface is the gamefication of this joy, as the free to play 5 player co-op shooter is currently in Beta, but should be on PC for all to play very soon.  The game is designed to reward players for individual skill, but also for teamwork.  Check out the new trailer that highlights the co-operative elements.

The below video is a sneak peek into what to expect from Warface, this is a game that combines the realistic co-operation of the Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six series with the slightly OTT military action of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  

This latest trailer also shows some of the different co-op elements present in the game.  You can use paddles to bring allies back from the brink of death, or help each other up to for a better view of the battlefield.  One thing is for sure, you are going to need a little help from your friends - the video also shows that some of the enemies are pretty daunting:

Source: Youtube.com