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Toylogic Updates Happy Wars with New Balancing and Weapons
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Toylogic Updates Happy Wars with New Balancing and Weapons

Free updates from a free game are that much sweeter. Nuff said.

Free-to-play title, Happy Wars has updated with a bunch of tweeks and balances to the already fun as hell gameplay. If you haven’t noticed the update over the weekend, now’s a good time to boot up Happy Wars and give it another try; you may be pleasantly surprised!

Currently, Toylogic is also working on a major title update (hopefully improving the speed of online matchmaking), but for now we have this small list of changes made to the gameplay. These will most certainly enhance your co-op experience with friends and fellow gamers online and cut out the cheap stuff that kills you/doesn’t reward you most often:

- The suspension bridge has been made stronger and less easy to destroy.
- The score obtained by launching a Team Skill has been slightly adjusted.
- Slight efficacy adjustments have been made to the “Smash Power Up”, “Conserve AP”, and “Shorten Cooldown” buffs.
- Slight efficacy adjustments have been made to the shields.
- The Warriors’ speed of spontaneous recovery of HP has been slightly increased.
- The Warrior skills “Rush”, “Rocketman”, “Super Guard”, and “Iron Phalanx” have been slightly adjusted.
- The maximum AP amount for Clerics has been slightly increased.
- The rate of appearance of the Cleric skill “Dispel” has slightly increased.
- The Cleric skill “Happy Miracle” has been slightly adjusted.
- The Mages’ speed of movement has been slightly adjusted.
- The Mage skills “Fireball”, “Thunderbolt”, “Magic Napalm”, and “Meteor Shower” have been slightly adjusted.
- Now 4 players instead of 3 are required to participate in order to launch the “Tornado” skill.

Additionally, more weapons and items have been added to the Happy Wars online store: two sets, “Black Weapon” and “Gorgeous Shield”, along with their counterpart Happy Cards to level them up. More options to enhance the fighting prowess of your Happy Wars classes are always much appreciated and graciously accepted.

The “Black Weapon Set” includes a black survival knife, a black mailbox and a winged staff. The “Gorgeous Shield Set” includes three different shields, one of which (The Scream of Nature) is inspired by Edvard Munch’s famous paintings of the same name. Of course, both sets also come with Happy Cards that level-up all of the items.

Source: Trueachievements.com

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