SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Pay What You Want for SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance
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Pay What You Want for SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

It's trendy...but cool.

Pay what you want is all the rage these days among indie developers.  It gives developers a chance to offer their game directly to their fans and cut out the middle man.  And it gives fans a chance to give back to indie devs and reward them by showing their appreciation and getting a game for any price they want.

Today the folks at Brain Shape Games (of which I'm part of) are offering their four player co-op twin stick shooter, SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance, for any price you want.  The PC version of the game available through this deal includes all of the bonus goodies of the Digital Special Edition and features four player local co-op.

  • A DRM Free Copy of SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance for Windows PC
  • SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Original Soundtrack
  • A PDF Manual for the Game
  • Dozens of Pieces of Concept Art from Development
  • PDFs the include Ship Blue-Prints, Character Logs, and more
  • 2 Wallpapers for desktop PCs

You can head on over to the game's official site to get yourself a copy of the game and support indie game development in the process.  This special deal is only going on till December 24th, so get your Christmas present early!