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Resident Evil 5 Came from Kijuju - Yeah We Don't Know Either
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Resident Evil 5 Came from Kijuju - Yeah We Don't Know Either

With running a gaming website, I tend to get PR emails from time to time.  But I can honestly say I've never gotten one more disturbing than this one.  In it there was only one phrase:

It came from Kijuju.

It was repeated dozens upon dozens of times.  At first I thought the PR department at Capcom has finally cracked after writing the name for the next Street Fighter game.  Then as I inspected the email closer, I noticed there was a URL embedded in it.

It appears the website is some sort of viral Resident Evil 5 website, though it's kind of hard to be "viral" when you have the game's name in the URL as well as every logo of every partner on it.  As far as I can tell there's nothing to do or see on the site other than a few phrases and the "It came from Kijuju" over and over again.  I did notice there are numbers, one through five, but again, they don't seem to do anything.  

Can anyone find anything buried here?


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