Co-Optimus - News - Beyond Co-Op - January 6th through January 12th, 2013

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Beyond Co-Op - January 6th through January 12th, 2013
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Beyond Co-Op - January 6th through January 12th, 2013

Special CES 2013 Edition

Beyond Co-Op returns after its end of year hiatus with chock full of news straight out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las, Vegas.  CES 2013 was this week and it was full of technology goodness that you'll want to add to your living room.  Let's take a look at some of the highlights.

- 4K TVs Are Coming
- Razer Announces the Edge Pro

- ROCCAT Unveils Mechanical Keyboard with Individual Key Lighting
- Hardware Roundup from Sennheiser, Steel Series, Turtle Beach, and Kingston


4K TVs are Coming

That snazzy new 1080P HDTV you just bought last year?  Yup, old and busted.  The new hotness is called 4K and it ups the resolution beyond standard HDTV to 3840x2160 - double 1080P.  Of course you'll need content to support it but apparently some of it already exists.  The TVs will also upscale your content to that resolution so you know, it's not totally obsolete.  Sony, LG, Samsung and many other TV manufacturers all unveiled sets that support this feature.  I wouldn't worry too much - right now the starting price is around $25,000 for an 84" model - yeah - it costs more than a car.  It's going to be a while till this goes mainstream.

One interesting tidbit - Sony's 4K TV is actually capable of simulview with the use of polarized glasses.  Neat.


Razer Announces the Edge Pro

Razer is one of our favorite PC accessory manufacturers, creating quality products like keyboards, controllers and mice.  Their latest venture have brought them into actual system building with the likes of the Razer Blade.  Now their latest piece of hardware is a sexy device known as the Edge - which is a 10.1" tablet that runs a full version of Windows 8 and has accessories to make it behave like a console, PC, and a portable gaming machine.  

The controller attachment for it adds two analog sticks, buttons, and force feedback on either side - it basically looks like you're holding a steering wheel.  The PC attachment adds a full keyboard and you can plug a mouse in to make it behave just like a laptop PC.  The console attachment is more of a dock that allows you to output an HDMI signal to a TV and hook up some gamepads.  

Starting price is $999 for just the tablet which features a full Intel processor,  8GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD and a NVidia graphics card.  A pro model features a better processor and hard drive space for $200 more.  Accessories run $99 to $249.  The device should be available within a month or two.

Source:  Razer


ROCCAT Announces RYOS Keyboard

ROCCAT's latest entry into the keyboard market is called RYOS and it's a mechanical keyboard that sports individual key lighting and an API to do some pretty interesting things.  I think the teaser trailer explains it all.


Hardware Roundup

There's quite a few other quick product announcements, so here they are.

Sennheiser announces PC 350 and PC 360 headsets for PC gamers.

Turtle Beach announces Ear Force XP510 for Xbox and Ear Force PX51 for PlayStation3.

Kingston Releases 10th Anniversary Edition of their HyperX Memory.

SteelSeries announces their APEX Keyboard.