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  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Co-Optimus Community Voice for Sept 2012 - Check Out My Creation
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Co-Optimus Community Voice for Sept 2012 - Check Out My Creation

Show us what you've created in-game

It's time to jump in the time machine and go back to July of 2000. Why? Because, believe it or not, I helped run a busy web site named Action Quake Map Depot (or AQMD) that was deemed the "official" source for Action Quake 2 maps. The mod developers should have known better... Who hands over that kind of responsibility to a junior in high school? Actually, I didn’t have much interaction with the actual developers, but the head guys at AQMD said I had a good eye for quality maps, and I was good at finding bugs. During my tenure there, I helped a ton of "mappers" (map creators) test their maps on many levels, and provided feedback so they could improve their maps. I was also one of the gate keepers who had the final say on what maps would get the official seal of approval, and uploaded to the site.

I have a passion for user created content, and creativity in games. It started with Action Quake 2 maps, and has continued, most recently, with Minecraft. Holy smokes, what an amazing game! I've never seen a more wide open sandbox for creativity in a game. Gamers have created some awesome things, and I bet some of you have your own creations to show off. In fact, I know some of you have something to show, because I've created some pretty cool things with you.

Smurphville on a clear starry night.

For September's Co-Optimus Community Voice, we want to see your in-game creations. Fire up your blog, start your blog post's title with "CCV", and tell us all about your creations. It doesn't necessarily have to be from Minecraft, or even a co-op game, but a co-op tie-in is always a plus. Snap screenshots, record a video, and throw down a few paragraphs describing your creations. Tell us about all the effort you put into it, and who helped you. The best entries will be featured on the front page of Co-Optimus throughout the month.

If you haven't created anything noteworthy, never fear! We’re hosting a co-op night for Minecraft 360 Edition on September 5th. Visit the event thread for more details. Maybe you can link up with other Co-Optimus members and create something impressive to share. Don't forget to link your Facebook account and take screenshots to post on your blog. If the 360 edition isn't your thing, you can shoot me a PM on the forums and I'll hook you up on my personal Minecraft server on PC (which is back up btw).

Happy Blogging!