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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume V: Final Fantasy XI (A Community Contribution)
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume V: Final Fantasy XI (A Community Contribution)

For this volume of MMO Co-Opportunities I thought we’d do something a little different.Though I’ve played a decent number of MMOs in my gaming career, there are many titles that I never got around to playing either due to lack of time, interest, or something else. Just because I haven’t played them, though, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their due! So for these games, I’ll turn to the people around me to share some of their personal favorite co-opportunies for the game, or stories of playing the game with others. This month we’re looking at Final Fantasy XI (FFXI).


I asked the staff here as well as some of my friends that I knew had played the game for some of the mechanics or aspects of FFXI that they really felt encouraged teamwork, co-operation, or generally having a good time together with people. A couple people immediately honed in on skill chains and magic bursts:

"Skill chains and magic bursts for more damage. Skill chains were required to have an efficient party. There was lists of what melee moves goes after another to create a certain type of element, which usually the monster was weak to.

Magic burst come after the skill chains. Skill chains had to be at least 2 (maybe 3?) melee special attacks that would cause a certain element like water. Then the mages would cast water right after, so they would contribute to the skill chain with a magic burst. As a blackmage, I did have a spell that took 16 seconds to cast, so I had to macro in the chat when to start, then I did a **** ton of damage. If the thing didn't die from the skill chain, I knew it was coming after me."

- Jeff (a friend)

"For intra-party stuff, you can't get better than skill chains and magic bursts. Having to time pre design the order your team does TP skills and spells, and then get the time down perfectly... when even a single slip up might cause your team to wipe. Was just so intense."

- Rory (a friend)