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Co-Optimus is Looking For A News Editor
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Co-Optimus is Looking For A News Editor

The Co-Optimus staff is growing, and we need your help. We have a writing opportunity available for someone who loves cooperative gaming. Here is the first part of the interview:

True or False: Blur is a co-op game.

If you answered "True," sorry, that is incorrect. Split screen is not the same as co-op. Stop emailing us about Blur. If you answered "False," you might have a shot. 

We are expecting a busy 2013 for co-op gaming. The new console generation is on the horizon, and we'll be there to cover it. We'd like you to come along for the ride.

Right now we are looking for a News Editor who can contribute one or two news posts a day, Monday - Friday.


Strong basic writing skills, including grammar. If their gonna see your bad at grammar; --its gonna be a problem.

A love of cooperative gaming. You can like other games, too. Promise. 

Understanding and knowledge of the video game industry, including home and handheld console games, PC gaming, Indie games, major gaming publications and sites, as well as industry trade shows. Do you know the difference between Bill Gates and Kaz Hirai? Between E3 and PAX East? IGN and Polygon? NO? How about  Nintendo and everything that is not "a nintendo?" That's a start.

Prospects should be available to post Mon- Fri. Occasionally there will be content to post on weekends.

We need a self starter with strong time management skills and the ability to exercise critical thinking. What's even more important is that you recognize the fact that these three abilities are more than simple buzzwords designed to look good on a resume. These are actual skills required for this position.  

The following criteria are not required, but they will help:

Excellent knowledge of PC gaming

Reside near or in Los Angeles or San Francisco

Web writing ability including HTML knowledge and SEO ability

Versatile in other medium forms including Photoshop, video, audio, and juggling.

What You Get from Us

While this isn't a full time job position, you will be compensated in a few ways including the monetary kind.  Other bonuses include access to free games, opportunities to attend trade shows and media events, and working with a bunch of kick ass people on something you are passionate about.

Interested persons should send an email to jobs@co-optimus.com with a writing sample and any relevant links to your work. Subject line: Co-Optimus News Editor.