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  • LAN Co-Op: 3 Players
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DungeonLand Delayed One Week
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DungeonLand Delayed One Week

This ride is under repairs.

It was only last week that the DungeonLand release date was announced, but it seems a two week lead time may have jumped the gun just a little bit.  Today Paradox have announced that DungeonLand will be hitting computers on January 29th instead of the previous date of the 22nd.

As we continue our quest to ensure game experiences on day one are as pleasant as possible, we're making a few last minute updates before releasing the game to the masses. We work around the clock for our devoted community, and we appreciate everyone’s patience here as we get things finalized.

Sounds like a few last minute tweaks were necessary.  While you're waiting be sure to read our interview for the game.

DungeonLand supports three player co-op, either online or locally.