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Lots of Crazy Items and Costumes Found in DungeonLand's Latest Update
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Lots of Crazy Items and Costumes Found in DungeonLand's Latest Update

New DLC bundles available in the Item Shop, while others come free!

Since our DungeonLand promotion back in late January, developer Critical Studio has been working very hard to draw in new players heroes to their game. The most recent tweaking of gameplay balance and additional content has given us even more fixes and some crazy character items to obtain, both free and through DLC.

The Deadly Theme Park gained some newly added content for its already solid co-op gameplay, but unfortunately had some minor setback. In Critical Studio’s latest blog, they described that “Wounded Heroes” hasn’t quite weeded out all the necessary bugs just yet, but they’re working on trying to get this completed soon. The ‘Dungeon Maestro’ over at Critical Studio discussed these update changes in a small, quirky statement:

New language options, cheaper perks, Mimics who won’t bite you more than once each – it’s really amazing how much work goes into keeping my theme park open every day. I’ve even cut down on some of the grinding, so heroes can have their precious little abilities unlocked sooner. The actual grinder where I put their bodies, though, that part’s still there. I mean, can you imagine? Like I have room for all those corpses in here.

The current patch fixed a good amount of bugs found in the game, while adding new costumes and avatars at the DungeonLand Item Shop. Take a quick look at the rundown of notes from the latest patch:

Bug Fixes (from April 6th):

  • Fixed a bug that would cause knocked back players to get stuck inside objects or outside of the level
  • Fixed a bug that would cause all player weapons to be painted red forever after a hit
  • Fixed a bug that would cause The Beer Holder minions to spawn outside the level
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Bots to spawn outside the level
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Item Shop to crash
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash or hang indefinitely when quitting DM Mode matches
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to be stuck on Scoreboards if "logged out" while a scene is loading

And here are some newly added, free costumes added to the Item Shop, including new DLC bundles for character armor and weapons:

Other additions include:
DLC bundles for all characters

  • Egyptian Armor Pack DLC
  • Classic Dungeon Pack DLC
  • Amazing Armor Pack DLC
  • Ozz Armor Pack DLC

DLC bundles for individual characters

  • Mage Weapons DLC
  • Rogue Weapons DLC
  • Warrior Weapons DLC

Mage items – free content

  • Holy Clothes
  • Santa Armor
  • Luchador Outfit
  • Staff of Tesla
  • Holy Helm
  • Helmet of Santa
  • Luchador Mask

Rogue items – free content

  • Biker Outfit
  • Psycho Mask
  • Impossibly Sharp Daggers
  • Pointy Daggers
  • Stabby Daggers
  • Daggers of Pain
  • Knively Knifes
  • Axe Bow
  • Wooden Daggers
  • Fairy Daggers
  • Screaming Bow

Warrior items – free content

  • The Rhyno Armor
  • The Rhyno Hat
  • Pepperoni and Shield
  • Sword and Board
  • Huge Hammer of Hammering
  • Emperor's Lance

Don't be afraid to try out DungeonLand for yourselves on PC with a couple of buddies, and be sure to read up on our review of  the game here!

Source: Dungeonlandgame.com

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