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Co-Op Titles Dominate Xbox LIVE 2010 Numbers
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Co-Op Titles Dominate Xbox LIVE 2010 Numbers

Apparently, 2010 ended a few weeks ago.  Once again a year in the 21st century ended without the handing out of jet-packs, tri-corders, or flying cars. This millennium has been very disappointing.  Silver lining alert: it has not been disappointing for co-op games.  Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson recently released lists (everybody loves lists!) revealing the top games played on Xbox LIVE in 2010.  The numbers were based on the amount of unique users who played the game within seven days of its release.  Unsurprisingly, the top five games were big brand sequels or Red Dead Redemption, which is basically "Grand Theft Cattle."  Notice anything interesting about these titles?

Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles of 2010 (based on unique users during the first week of launch)

1    Call of Duty: Black Ops 
2    Halo: Reach 
3    Red Dead Redemption 
4    Fable III 
5    Battlefield: Bad Co. 2

That's right.  They're all in blue.  By the way, each game also has some form of co-op, whether it's a full on co-op campaign, bot-stomping co-op action, or an open world mix of competitive and co-operative players.  Co-op titles also made a big appearance in the Xbox LIVE Arcade list, including Perfect Dark HD, Monday Night Combat, and Dead Rising: Case West.  

It's nice to see co-op games represented so well on Xbox Live.  Hopefully, some number crunchers see these lists, use some magical "a-log-a-rhythm," and decide that co-op sells games.  How else could you explain Army of Two: The 40th Day cracking the top twenty?  For the full lists you can check out Major Nelson's blog here.