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Best Co-Op Star Wars Games of All Time

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There have been a host of Star Wars games since the movie's inception, both for better or worse. Some were atrocious cash-ins, while others paid a debt to the franchise and fans who love it so much. Below, we discuss the best co-op Star Wars games of all time. 

Star Wars: Empire at War

The noughties were a golden era of great strategy games, and in 2006, Star Wars got its own, courtesy of Petroglyph games. The action takes place between episodes III and IV and allows you two choices. You can work for the rebel alliance, building your forces to attack the empire. Alternatively, you can choose the dark side and traverse the galaxy hunting down Jedi as you slowly build the Death Star.


The game is extremely apt in its title, as it is well known that the crew almost caused a war during filming. As PIA reported, the Sandcrawlers got too close to the Libyan border when shooting scenes in Tunisia. Fearing it was some new weapon of war, the Libyan officials seized it, and shooting had to be moved to California. 


The mission objectives change depending on the campaign you and your co-op partner choose. Galactic conquest is the more open option and gives you side quests partnered with resource and campaign management as you gradually take over territory. You can also switch to skirmish mode, which is a direct combat game.

Star Wars Rebellion

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Star Wars Rebellion was not a hit with critics. Released in 1998, it was another real-time strategy game that used the Star Wars license. In its first year, it got a host of terrible awards, being named the most disappointing game of the year at one point. 


However, its cult legacy is unmatched. Scour any message board for co-op games, and Rebellion will undoubtedly be the one most fans turn to. Even better than that is that it has spawned a tabletop version, so you can play using a PC or indulge in a game night. In both, the objectives are the same. You fight as either the rebel alliance or the imperial forces for resources and power across the galaxy. 

Star Wars Battlefront II

EA's forays into the Star Wars universe have been a mixed bag. Some games have fallen flat or fallen prey to the dreaded in-game purchase bug. Yet get past that, and they can be fantastic, and Battlefront II is the zenith of their efforts so far. Players start as the head of an Imperial unit, who gradually defects to the New Republic. 


The game has everything you would want in a Star Wars game. In small skirmishes or giant battles, you can play as major characters like Yoda and Vader.. However, the game comes into its own co-op as you plan attacks from various points. 


Every Star Wars fan will have their favorite, but these are our picks. Many can be found on Steam, and some of the older ones may be discounted, so look through them today.