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Roundup: The best gaming tablets of 2018


Whilst there is little doubt that consoles like the Xbox One and the PS4 offer perhaps the most powerful gaming experience, it’s also true that some tablets are capable of taking your enjoyment of games up a level.

So if you are looking to invest in a tablet for your gaming, we thought that we should take a look around to show you some of the best tablet tablets currently available in 2018.

We can’t talk about tablets without mentioning Apple’s iPad. The tech brand’s 10.5 inch iPad Pro offers a great example of what you should expect for a high-end tablet and it’s perfectly designed for a little gaming.

Whilst it’s £550 price tag might put off some gamers, the sheer processing power of its A10x chipset should be able to make even the most chaotic game of Baldur’s Gate go by without any issues. Plus we have to admit that its 10.5 inch display packs in a resolution of 1668 x 2224 to ensure that you get an extra level of accuracy in your gameplay.

If you’ve got your heart set on an Android tablet, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 could be the tablet that you’ve been waiting for. With a high street price of £389, it’s a touch less expensive than the iPad Pro, but is still capable of giving you a top-class tablet gaming experience.

What really marks the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 apart from the competition is the fact that its incredible quad HD screen means that it’s perfectly designed for displaying HDR content. In addition to this, the device comes equipped with a nifty Games Launcher to help you get suitably immersed in top co-op Android titles like Bomb Squad without interruption.

But what about those gamers who just don’t have the spending power to get their hands on an iPad or Samsung tablet? Let us direct you towards the Amazon Fire HD 10 which should set you back just £149, and is packed full of gamer-friendly features.

Everything from its 10.1 inch Full HD display to its quadcore CPU should be able to make simple mobile games like Lucky Leprechaun easily playable. Plus by getting the Amazon Fire HD 10, you will get free access to the Amazon Underground game store so that you can pick up a massive range of free Android mobile games.

If you are a dedicated Steam gamer, then you might want to pick up the Microsoft Surface Pro. This will set you back at least £620, but it’s more than capable of helping you enjoy the best Steam mobile games. This packs in a whopping 12.3 inch display, a very impressive Intel Core CPU, and it promises no less than 13.5 hours of media playback.

Whilst the high price of the Microsoft Surface Pro might be a little off-putting, the fact that you can use this tablet to play PC games means that this is one seriously impressive gaming device.

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