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The International 2019 - What You Need to Know


This summer, fans of the famous Dota 2 have something to look forward to. A big tournament, The International 2019, will be taking place this August. It will be hosted in China for the first time ever. As such, people from all over the world are looking forward to raiding the Dota 2 betting sites and see how lucky they can get with gambling.

Time goes by very quickly, so the event will take place soon enough. So, what should you need to know beforehand, in order to prepare for what’s to come and have no surprises? Here are a few things.

Prize Pool

Although there was a set prize pool for this tournament, it was changed, being more favorable to whoever wins. The first prize pool was of $1,600,000. However, a percentage of 25% from the Battle Pass sales has been added to this amount, thus increasing the total to $19,528,662. 

The Edition of the Tournament

This is the 9th annual edition of this event, and it’s the first time when it’s held in China, respectively in Shanghai, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Basically, The International is the last tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit.

The Teams

There are 18 teams participating in this widely awaited tournament, and they are the best Dota 2 teams on the planet. Some of the teams have already been invited, which are Fnatic, Virtus Pro, Vici Gaming, LGD Gaming, Team Secret, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, PSD.LGD and Evil Geniuses. All of them have shown amazing results, getting enough points to make it to the big event. However, there’s still some time to go until all the DPC teams will get enough points to quality, so it’s not yet sure what other teams you will see in the battle.

The Date

You will be able to watch these teams and many others that will join them along the way, this summer in August. The tournament will start on August 16th and end on the 25th. 


If you didn’t already know, there’s a specific format that determines who gets to participate in the big tournament. There are the teams that have already been invited, but there will be others that will qualify through the DPC. 

Open qualifiers will take place from July 3rd to July 7th, after which the regional qualifiers will start on July 8th and end on the 15th. Then, in August, you’ll get to watch the Group Stage from August 15th to 18th, and the main event will happen from August 20th to August 25th. 

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to watch the best Dota 2 teams in the world do their best to win some money from the prize pool? Then make sure you don’t miss them in August! If you also want to win some Dota 2 bet money, this is your chance to prepare by analyzing the teams and checking the odds. Who knows? You may become a winner yourself.

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