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Review of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Online Casino

If you are into computer gaming, you surely have heard of Grand Theft Auto. It is one of the most popular video games there is and there have been many iterations of the game over the years. The makers of the game have now come out with their own online casino through an updated which launched recently. The update is called The Diamond Casino & Resort update and it has plenty to bring to the table, including exciting new missions, cars, outfits and music playlists. The Diamond Casino & Resort update is one of the biggest updates the game has gotten in terms of size, and this bears testimony to how many new features and goodies have been added.

The very first GTA was launched in the year 1997 and there have been over 15 different versions launched over the years. Without a doubt, GTA from Rockstar Games is one of the most popular video game franchises ever. Steal cars, kill cops, turn pedestrians into roadkill and now – even gamble at a swanky new casino. What’s not to love?


It’s a beauty!

Fans of GTA love the new updated and so are online casino enthusiasts. For online casino players that are used to traditional online casinos where you login and see a lobby filled with thumbnails, this kind of online casino gaming is revolutionary and they have never seen something like this before. 

On the other hand, for video game players who have either zero or minimal experience with online casino gaming, it is a great new way to introduce them to real money online gaming within a game that they already love. 

How is GTA online casino different from traditional online casinos?

GTA is a first-person game where you control a character. You can move the character around, visit friends, explore the city and complete missions as assigned to the character. You can also visit placed with the character such as restaurants, bars, salon’s and even strip clubs. With the new update, you can now also visit a casino. Not just that, you can actually go to the different sections of a casino and put bets on the games of your choice. 

It is a whole new experience when compared to your traditional online casinos where you create an account, choose a slot and press spin. With GTA online casino, you actually are in control of a character and the casino is just a part of a much larger game that has several other things like the casino. 

The town where GTA is based in is called Los Santos and fans of the game will know the virtual map of this virtual town like the back of their hands. The new casino has been built in the northern part of Los Santos. For people that really know the ins and outs of Los Santos, the northern part of the city always had a building with a casino billboard on it, but the casino was in-operational and it always said opening soon in older versions of the game. 

Now, with the new updated, Rockstar Games have gone ahead and added a brand - new casino which is open to the public of Los Santos. As the name of the updated suggests, this is the Diamond Casino and Resort and it is the most happening spot in Los Santos right now. 

One of the things that a traditional online casino has the edge over GTA online casino is the fact that traditional online casinos offer some great promotions and bonuses. NoDepositDaily Editor in Chief says: “We have all had welcome bonuses at online casinos, but we have never experienced something like this (GTA online casino) before, it is an immersive experience like no other and brings a whole new dimension to online casino gaming”. 

When you start the game with the new update installed, the game gives you a little automated tour of the casino and how the basics work. You are then free to explore the casino and get creative with how and where you want to use your money. 

Since the updated is part of GTA online, it means that other online players from around the world can be playing at the same time as you. For players who are worried about fighting and shooting in the casino, you will be relieved to know that guns and weapons are banned from the casino, but as for the rest of Los Santos, you are on your own. 

Membership for the Diamond Casino and Resort 

To be eligible to gamble, you first need to become a member of the casino and you can do that by paying a $500 (in game money) membership fee. Once you have paid this fee, you will receive chips that you can use to play different casino games like slots, table games, roulette, blackjack, poker and more. 

Are you too much of a gangster to just be a basic casino member? Well, you can sign up as a VIP player instead of for some real VIP treatment. Just splurge like a high roller and you are going to be treated like one. You will even have access to your own penthouse. If you are looking for even better options such as swanky places with party areas, spas, spare bedrooms and more, you are looking at spending north of three to four million. 

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