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7 Tools You Can Use for a Better Gaming Experience Online

Love it or not, online gaming is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself if everything runs smoothly. And a lot of people are gradually embracing gaming as a hobby. 

But PCs can be very complex and can require third-party tools for them to function for online gaming optimally. And if you decide to upgrade its component, you can’t exactly be certain that the game will still run or not. However, the situation is different with gaming consoles because games are particularly released for a particular console, and you don’t have to worry about compatibility. If you’re a regular online PC gamer, the chances are high that you’ve faced some sort of sluggishness or other issues while gaming. This happens because games have different software, hardware, and internet requirements. So what’s the best way to guarantee a top-notch online gaming experience? You simply have to download and install some gaming tools. 

This article will address problems that online PC gamers face and the relevant tools that’ll help solve that problem. 


1. Prevent Glitches 

Glitches are common when you’re playing games that have high requirements. You can identify glitches in areas with dense and well-detailed graphics. This problem usually results in some distortion in the texture or geometry of the game, awkward colors might occur during gameplay, some areas of the game might be pixelated, the screen might flicker in intense scenes, or some graphical pieces may be lacking. All these issues can make you lose interest in the game and would definitely reduce your gaming experience. 

The solution to this problem is downloading and installing software for stress testing your computer. This will help you know the type of game that best fits your PC and guarantee you a better gaming experience. A very effective tool for this is Unigine’s Valley. 

Unigine’s Valley is a popular GPU stress test tool that renders out a well-detailed nature scene that’ll help you conceptualize what your graphic card can handle while playing an online game. 


2. Protect from ISP throttling 

You’re right in the middle of an intense multi-user online combat game, and you suddenly notice that the video isn’t as sharp as before, and you’re experiencing some lag that might give the opponent an advantage. Is the error from the game or something is wrong with your computer? It’s probably none of that and might be due to ISP throttling. 

Throttling is basically your Internet Service Provider lowering your internet speed intentionally. Quite often, ISPs do this to alleviate network congestion and regulate a network’s traffic.  

To protect from ISP throttling, then you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using this service helps anonymizing your online browsing ,and since ISPs won’t know what you’re doing online, they won’t choose you when they’re searching for high-priority targets to throttle. 

VPNs can also help you reduce ISP throttling, improving overall game speeds and ping times, along with protecting you from the harmful actions of bots and nefarious individuals online. You should learn more about what is a VPN here


3. Put an end to choppy gameplay 

You may notice that your games are gradually becoming choppy, and that’ll make it almost impossible to play online games. Even if you can still play the game, it’ll result in a bad online gaming experience as you’ll find it difficult to catch up with the activities there. This problem can be solved by downloading and installing the free GPU-Z software. 

GPU-Z is software that provides you with intrinsic details about your computer’s GPU and video card, as this is where issues that result in choppy gameplay comes from. It also gives you details of your core frequency, fan speed, temperature, and memory. 


4. Protect your sensitive data

The motivation for hacking isn’t hard to comprehend. Cybercriminals can profit from stealing log-in credentials in a lot of ways, and they often do that by creating a phishing site that requests for players’ credentials. The end result is that the hacker takes over the online gamer’s account. Once inside, the hacker may hold the account hostage for ransom or may swap a stolen virtual item for cash. To protect your sensitive data, you should download Anti-virus software. 

Antivirus software protects your data by detecting real-time threats on the internet and on your computer. It then warns you, deletes, quarantines, or removes such threats based on your software setting. 


5. Protect from online lags 

Lags are synonymous with gamers using networks with high ping and latency. They create a delay in the timeline between when you initiate a move on your computer and when the action reflects on your online game. Imagine pressing your keyboard for that killer punch while playing Mortal Kombat 11 online, but the action is initiated when your opponent has left the scene. It reduces your gaming experience drastically and can make you quit the game momentarily. As such, you should use outfox to reduce ping and latency. 

Outbox is a new optimization tool that can increase connection stability and reduce in-game latency. It does this by detecting when you open a supported game. It’ll then open a User Datagram Protocol proxy on its network. The tool will automatically switch back to your standard connection if it is faster. 


6. Avoid Screen tearing 

Screen tearing! That’s one of every gamer’s nightmare. However, most gamers might not see a problem in having a higher FPS (Frame Per Second) than the maximum refresh rate that’s recommended for your computer. But it can cause screen tearing, which can ruin your online game. If you’re experiencing this problem, or you’ll like to prevent it from occurring, then you should use VSync. 

V-sync is a very effective way to eliminate screen tearing, and it does this by synchronizing your monitor’s vertical refresh rate with the frame rate of your GPU. 


7. Prevent Sudden Reboots 

Your system rebooting while you’re in the middle of an intense game can be very annoying. And this often happens due to a software issue that can be prevented and repaired with a basic tool called the System File Checker (SFC). 

SFC works by scanning and restoring damaged files on your computer, thereby limiting the occurrence of a sudden system reboot while playing a game online. 


In Conclusion

Online gaming provides a whole new experience of competing with fellow gamers around the world. And with a user penetration of 12.5% that’s expected to rise to13.8% by 2021, more people are jumping on the bandwagon. However, there are multiple potential problems that you might face, and you’ll need to equip yourself with tools that’ll help guarantee you a good gaming experience.

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