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The 5 Best Racing Simulators to Play in 2021

The first racing game appeared in 1973: Space Race by Atari offered players to compete in speed and maneuverability while driving spaceships. Over time, the genre developed with subgenres and received famous games and famous series. Today, many gamers find in racing games the opportunity to do what is difficult to achieve in real life: to drift on the city streets, breaking all traffic rules, test your endurance in off-road races, and drive a high-speed car in Formula racing. All this makes this genre increasingly popular. What are the most intriguing racing games available? Let’s figure it out.


1)        Deadly Race

This simulator gives you a unique opportunity to participate in unforgettable racing battles, the cost of which will be your life or death. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, due to the lack of natural resources, the Third World War began. A huge number of cities collapsed and people went to look for other places to live. All the abandoned cities were turned into racing tracks for special competitions called the Deadly Race. This game is distributed on the FastDownload service for free.


2)        F1 2019

This racing game is based on the famous “Royal Racing”: you will have to fight for first place side by side with the champions, while realistic visual effects will show you what a real Formula 1 competition is. In F1 2019, you will be able to test many F1 and F2 cars on the tracks and participate in the championships with your team.


3)        Forza Horizon 3

This racing simulator was released in 2016 and won the sympathy of gamers with its wonderful landscapes and panoramas. The mechanics of the game received a lot of positive feedback from racing fans. The essence of the game is to organize the races and participate in them. In the game mode, you can change weather conditions, race locations, and earn money to upgrade your car. You can play online not only with the PC owners but also with the owners of game consoles.


4)        Flatout

Flatout can be called one of the most popular racing simulators in history. It was released in 2004 but continues to delight gamers today. You will have access not only to a variety of tracks, but there is also an arena for battles, where your purpose is to ram other racers, causing as much damage to them as possible, while remaining “afloat”. There are many locations where you can test your car, or set many personal records for maneuverability and tricks.


5)        DIRT 4

This semi-arcade rally simulator with powerful cars, challenging tracks, and a variety of modes will challenge your driving skills. In DiRT 4, developers took the best from the previous series and put it together. Therefore, you will get impressive gameplay with realistic mechanics and everything required for a good racing game.


Of course, there are still many worthy representatives of the genre. If you think we missed something, be sure to leave your comments below.

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