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by bapenguin

5 Software Tools to Turbocharge Your Online Gaming Experience



The PC gaming industry is experiencing a major boom as consumers are installing PC games at an unprecedented rate. Gaming companies have curated arrays of gaming genres that appeal to the fantasies of PC gamers. But, the monstrous requirement of some PC games can turn fantasy into a boring session of whining in no time. 

However, you can download some software on your PC to turn it from a burgeoning beast to a towering powerhouse, allowing you to stream like a pro gamer, voice chat with ease, and track frame rates. Our list of complimentary software should help you experience a reality of gaming experience in the way you’ve always fantasized about.


1. Protect from ISP throttling 

When you pay $100 monthly to an ISP to guarantee an unlimited PC gaming experience, it can be infuriating to detect that your ISP is intentionally reducing your internet speed. ISPs are known for reducing traffic at peak hours if you’re at a location of interest to them. This can reduce your gaming experience and result in multiple lags that are an absolute turn-off. Despite multiple sanctions and fines from regulatory bodies, some ISPs still throttle. 

To prevent ISP throttling, it’s best to adopt a highly efficacious method with unwavering reliability. One such is by installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your gaming PC. A rock-solid VPN can sling your traffic behind a server that’s located in another state or nation which will be outside the purview of your internet service provider. 

VPNs offer an effective way to prevent ISPs from throttling your internet speed. It also improves ping times and guarantees an optimum gaming experience


2. Access video game updates and download games 

Playing a game consistently is sore for any pro-gamer. Games get released regularly, and keeping up with the next most interesting one can be daunting. There’s no doubt that most games are wack, and it’s only a few games in a genre that will titillate an average pro-gamer. 

To catch up with updates on a game or to download the next blockbuster game, you should use Steam. Steam is the ultimate platform for getting game updates, discussing, creating, and playing games. It offers an intuitive platform that guarantees a top-notch experience that’s the reminiscence of a gamer’s paradise. 


3. Monitor Your Gaming Video Cards 

Your gaming video cards are the heartbeat of your gaming experience—the noteworthy determinant of graphic performance and fidelity. A poor gaming card can bring a gaming experience that’s meant to be elating, to become a boring one that’s filled with lags. Poor gaming video cards affect graphics and can make it outrightly impossible to play games like Red Solstice 2, this is because graphics affects gameplay in a mutually inextricably intertwined manner.   

You can monitor your gaming video card through a GPU-z, this enables you to have an apt idea of what to expect from each game you’re playing, and you can take some steps that can guarantee you a desirable outcome. 


4. Boost your device performance by removing junk files 

A way to slow down your PC is by clogging its memory with Junk files. Junk files are temporary files that were created by your PC to perform random tasks like opening a document, etc. While they are ubiquitous and inevitable, they should be found and deleted since they serve their purpose immediately after they’re created. Games require good memory to run at optimum performance, and having lots of junk on your PC may slow it down. 

To get rid of junk, you should download and install System Mechanic since consistently finding junk and deleting them manually is nearly an impossible task. System mechanic works by digging deep into your PC to defrag its hard drive, delete junk files and also perform other tasks that can boost your PC’s performance. 


5. Protect your eyes during prolonged gaming sessions 

Playing video games for a prolonged period can cause dry eye, eye strain, and some health issues in your shoulder and neck. A study shows that there has been an increase in video game usage rate over the years, and that has led to a direct increase in the number of people with eye defects. 

f.Iux fixes this problem by making the color of your gaming PC adapt to the time of the day. The color of the PC appears like sunlight during the day and becomes warm at night. f.Iux doesn’t just make your computer safe to the eyes, but it also makes it look better. 



Gaming on a PC can be a highly elating source of entertainment if the conditions are right. The right conditions are a multitude of factors that are both within our reach and beyond it, that’s why every PC gamer should opt for tools that can help to guarantee an optimum gaming experience.

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